To Heat Pump Or To Not Heat Pump?

This post will be about heat pumps so that homeowners can have more information about which air conditioning system to purchase when they are in the middle of a major air conditioning repair. Having the option to use a heat pump in Richardson Texas is mostly used for electric only houses. If you are in an electric only house and you are in need of a new outside unit a heat pump might just be for you. When you have cold Winters and high electric bills with an electric heater a heat pump would be able to reduce your utility cost in the winter.

A heat pump is a regular air conditioning system with a few extra parts. In normal operation the air conditioning unit allows cold freon to flow through the indoor unit and hot freon to flow through the outdoor unit. When the air conditioning system is running in regular air conditioning mode cold air is produced inside and hot air is produced outside. This is important because the heat from inside is absorbed from the freon and must be exhausted elsewhere. Putting the hot air outside in the summer time doesn’t bother anyone usually it is not in any place that it would make hotter.

When we start to talk about a heat pump system we are talkin about running the freon Loop backwards. Getting hot air inside and cold air outside. This benefits Us in the winter time when we want it hot inside and it is cold outside.

Getting your air conditioning system to run backwards essentially is not as easily done as said. The system requires parts and a small computer board to prevent the system from breaking itself. When running in heat mode it is still essential to have an electric heater. When the temperature is too cold outside the outside unit will freeze up when running heat mode. During the defrost cycle for the air conditioning unit the indoor electric heat system will run to continue the heating process. After a certain temperature the defrost cycle versus the electric heat running by itself does not way out. After this the electric heat takes over permanently.

Determining whether or not you need a heat pump will most likely depend upon how much money you spend in the winter time to heat the house. If you prefer your house to be warm and know for sure that your utility bills are high in the winter time then the heat pump might be your best option when you are in need of a new air conditioning system for your all electric home in Richardson

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Getting ready for summertime in Richardson, TX

Before you call your air conditioning repair company in Richardson, TX check this article out.

Things you should do before calling your air conditioning repair company should always include a few things that are very simple. Lets start with the easiest things that we have seen in the field of residential air conditioning repair.

When someone decides that their air conditioning system is not working properly, they have to at least notice a few things that would make the difference between a functional air conditioning system and one that is not working as efficiently as it should and might not be cooling as well as it usually does.

  • Checking if their is air flow coming out of the vent. With no indoor fan motor moving air you will never be able to get your air conditioning to cool off the house. The indoor AC motor makes a little noise when it runs and if running well you should be able to feel the air moving over the return vent, and over all of the supply vents. With a thermometer you should be able to check the temp of the air moving over the return and supply grills and also be able to achieve a minimum of about 15 degrees colder coming out of the supply vents, than coming into the return vents.
  • The indoor filter should be very clean and most of them are changed out every thirty days. Getting the proper filter can help your performance. If you have a smaller return chase then you might want a filter that filters at a faster pace. When your air ducts are plenty over sized then you should be able to get a higher filtration quality filter, if you would like to. Your best bet all the way around is going to be the filter that is made about in the middle of the spectrum of indoor air filtration quality.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Getting the proper inspection and maintenance performed for your heater in the fall is crucial for all homeowners and business owners in Dallas. We don’t always have extremely cold weather in the winter but when we do it can take us by surprise.

All of our technicians are licensed and factory-trained to better assess your air conditioning and heating needs. Whether you have a residential or commercial building you are going to be recommended to have your heater serviced once a year. Doing so will prevent unnecessary efficiency loss on electric heaters and heat pump systems. At the same time it will prevent carbon monoxide leaking and fire hazards on gas systems. Nothing is guaranteed in life but making sure your heater doesn’t kill you at night is important.At the end of summer all homeowners and business owners are glad to see the heat go. In Dallas it gets so hot during the summer that in October we are ready for cooler weather without a doubt. One thing we should keep in mind is that the cold weather is much more harsh than hot weather. We should all be prepared and have our heating systems inspected by a licensed and insured air conditioning and heating company. Heater maintenance and inspection is recommended yearly to prevent carbon monoxide from leaking into the home fire hazards and efficiency loss.

Is Your Home In Need Of Air Conditioner Repair?

Air conditioner repair

Getting your air conditioning system repaired is easy when you use DND Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer all types of repair for all types of systems.

1 Residential AC units on the ground or the roof.

2 Commercial air conditioning units on the ground or roof

3 All multi-story buildings for residential air conditioners

When your in need of an air conditioner repair technician, you should first stop and check a few things. First check the T-Stat and make sure it has fresh batteries if needed and it is on cool with the Temp. lowered far enough for the AC unit to come on. Then wait 10 minutes for it to run. If nothing happens check the main breaker and then you would need a technician.

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More Things To Check Before Your Air Conditioning Repair Company Gets To Your Home.

After getting your best look at the air flow from the coil the next thing you are going to want to check is going to be the outside unit. Nothing means more to your air conditioning inside of your home than the outside unit. With out an outside unit working properly you will never have cold air moving throughout your home or office. Getting your home air conditioning running well can be the blame of how dirty the condenser is outside most of the time. Now when your air conditioning system is on top of the roof in light commercial situations that is when you wont have to worry about getting your outside unit cleaned as often. With the rest of the ground dwelling air conditioning and heating systems within the Richardson area they will have to be washed down very good before you get started in the spring with using the air conditioning system that much.

With a clean air conditioning condenser you will be able to get your electric bill back to where it was when your air conditioning system was new. The best part about having your outside unit cleaned on your AC system is to get the house or business to cool down faster. With more air flowing across the condenser coils that means more freon is getting condensed down into liquid.

Nothing about cleaning the outside unit is fast it will take about 20 minutes to clean the coils on the condensing unit. With a chemical it might be a little faster but it usually depends on the air conditioning unit in question. Getting some air conditioning systems clean involves taking them apart. Nothing about disassembly is fun but when certain air conditioning systems get to dirty then they will need to be taken apart to remove enough of the dirt to make a difference in the cooling ability of that air conditioning system.

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