Getting the proper inspection and maintenance performed for your heater in the fall is crucial for all homeowners and business owners in Dallas. We don’t always have extremely cold weather in the winter but when we do it can take us by surprise.

All of our technicians are licensed and factory-trained to better assess your air conditioning and heating needs. Whether you have a residential or commercial building you are going to be recommended to have your heater serviced once a year. Doing so will prevent unnecessary efficiency loss on electric heaters and heat pump systems. At the same time it will prevent carbon monoxide leaking and fire hazards on gas systems. Nothing is guaranteed in life but making sure your heater doesn’t kill you at night is important.At the end of summer all homeowners and business owners are glad to see the heat go. In Dallas it gets so hot during the summer that in October we are ready for cooler weather without a doubt. One thing we should keep in mind is that the cold weather is much more harsh than hot weather. We should all be prepared and have our heating systems inspected by a licensed and insured air conditioning and heating company. Heater maintenance and inspection is recommended yearly to prevent carbon monoxide from leaking into the home fire hazards and efficiency loss.

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