Getting ready for summertime in Richardson, TX

Before you call your air conditioning repair company in Richardson, TX check this article out.

Things you should do before calling your air conditioning repair company should always include a few things that are very simple. Lets start with the easiest things that we have seen in the field of residential air conditioning repair.

When someone decides that their air conditioning system is not working properly, they have to at least notice a few things that would make the difference between a functional air conditioning system and one that is not working as efficiently as it should and might not be cooling as well as it usually does.

  • Checking if their is air flow coming out of the vent. With no indoor fan motor moving air you will never be able to get your air conditioning to cool off the house. The indoor AC motor makes a little noise when it runs and if running well you should be able to feel the air moving over the return vent, and over all of the supply vents. With a thermometer you should be able to check the temp of the air moving over the return and supply grills and also be able to achieve a minimum of about 15 degrees colder coming out of the supply vents, than coming into the return vents.
  • The indoor filter should be very clean and most of them are changed out every thirty days. Getting the proper filter can help your performance. If you have a smaller return chase then you might want a filter that filters at a faster pace. When your air ducts are plenty over sized then you should be able to get a higher filtration quality filter, if you would like to. Your best bet all the way around is going to be the filter that is made about in the middle of the spectrum of indoor air filtration quality.

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